Read Maxwell Communications

Client Challenge: Founded in 2007, Read Maxwell Communications aimed to significantly enhance its visibility and impact within the highly competitive landscape of PR and media for authors, organisations, and brands. The challenge was to develop innovative PR campaigns that not only reach a wide audience but also create meaningful engagement and foster long-term relationships between their clients and their respective audiences.


Client Opportunity: The project presented an opportunity to showcase Read Maxwell’s expertise in crafting compelling narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. The goal was to leverage their extensive network and deep industry knowledge to set new standards in PR, digital outreach, and literary strategy, thereby establishing Read Maxwell as a leader in the communications industry for the literary and branding sectors.


Our Solution: Gemstone collaborated with Read Maxwell to revitalize their digital strategy. Our approach was holistic, encompassing a redesign of their corporate website to better reflect their brand identity and streamline user experience. We implemented advanced analytics to gather insights on audience engagement, enabling more targeted campaigns. Key features of our solution included:

  • A dynamic, content-rich website that effectively communicates Read Maxwell’s brand story and showcases their wide array of services.
  • Integration of social media to enhance digital outreach and engage directly with various audience segments.


The Results: The implementation of the new digital strategy significantly elevated Read Maxwell’s market presence. The enhanced website experienced a marked increase in traffic, with longer engagement times and higher conversion rates for campaigns.


Future Outlook: With a robust digital platform in place, Read Maxwell is now positioned to expand its services further, exploring new markets and continuing to innovate in the field of PR and communications. Gemstone remains a key partner, dedicated to supporting Read Maxwell in its journey towards greater achievements in the communications industry.

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