About Us

Leadership Team

jamie portrait

Jamie Maxwell

Jamie started his career as a developer in the ecommerce sector, before joining Accenture as a consultant in 2015. He later worked for SimplyCook, overseeing technology delivery in the run up to their acquisition by Nestle, before starting Gemstone in 2021.

ben portrait

Ben Rolfe

Ben began his journey in project management in the public sector. Having led projects successfully across various organisations, he joined our team with a wealth of experience. His strategic approach and commitment to excellence underpin our company's operations.

jonty portrait

Jonty Lees

Jonty joined Gemstone in 2022; his broad technical experience and creativity have been pivotal in navigating the evolving tech landscape. Steering our technical team, his expertise ensures we consistently deliver innovative, cutting-edge solutions.

Cat Corporate Headshot portrait

Cat Mayne
Programme Management

Cat has been with Gemstone since the beginning, with experience spanning education, professional services, and creative arts. She currently heads up project management, and her analytical skills and strategic approach have been instrumental to our success.

Our Values


Front and centre of our values at Gemstone is a desire to support an environmentally sustainable future. We take active measures throughout our processes to ensure that our carbon footprint is as close to zero as possible. Our aim is for net carbon reduction. No small goal but one we are never the less committed to.

Measures we have taken so far include limiting staff travel and carrying out virtual meetings wherever possible. We also operate a completely paperless system which not only benefits the environment but is also quickly and easily accessible to our partners and clients.

There is always more we can do which is why in 2024 we will begin our efforts towards having a carbon reducing effect through our processes including opting for suppliers with carbon reduction goals as well as carrying out some of our own carbon reducing activities. Yes - that includes some members of the team actually planting trees… but also by supporting some of our environmental partners in their efforts to reduce deforestation and tackle inefficient supply chains.


Annual Gemstone Charity Award

This year we are proud to announce that we will be running our very first Annual Gemstone Charity Award through which we will be looking to directly support a UK based Charity aligned with our values by offering them some of our expert services for free. You can read more about this here.