Erosive ToothWear Foundation

Client Challenge


Since 2018, Gemstone has been collaborating with the Erosive Toothwear Foundation, part of Kings College London, focused on promoting awareness and education regarding dental health issues. The client’s primary challenge was the development of a comprehensive website that catered to both professional and consumer audiences. This platform needed to effectively convey information sourced from a variety of publications and reports, while being easily accessible and user-friendly.

Client Opportunity


Backed by one of the world’s most prestigious universities, the Erosive Toothwear Foundation had a unique opportunity to reach professionals and patients with engaging, interactive learning content, personalised information, and a comprehensive knowledge base.


To cater to the diverse needs of these audiences, the foundation aimed to provide engaging and interactive learning content, meticulously tailored to resonate with each specific group. For dental professionals, this meant delivering up-to-date research findings, expert opinions, and best practices in the field of erosive tooth wear. Patients, on the other hand, would benefit from clear, concise, and accessible information that could help them better understand their dental health issues and the steps they could take to address them.

Our Solution


  1. Compelling Infographic Design


The development of visually appealing infographics and customised iconography played a critical role in ensuring that the site could communicate complex ideas effectively and simply. This approach facilitated user comfort with the site content, while also making it easy to understand.


  1. Multi-language Support


Given the global nature of the client’s organisation, which involves multiple corporate sponsors and universities worldwide, multi-language support was crucial to the project’s success. Gemstone integrated this functionality within the CMS and provided ongoing assistance for deploying new language updates on the website.


  1. Advanced Analytics


Gemstone implemented state-of-the-art analytics tools to monitor the website’s performance and user engagement metrics. This comprehensive tracking led to significant improvements in various aspects of user engagement, including time spent on the site, access figures, download conversion rates, and session length.


  1. Gamification for Enhanced Engagement


In an effort to further engage patients, the client requested that Gemstone develop a gamified quiz that would allow users to evaluate their symptoms and determine their personal risk level. This gamification strategy proved successful in capturing user interest, making the overall experience more interactive and enjoyable.


  1. Collaboration with Dental Professionals


Gemstone worked closely with dental professionals and experts from Kings College London to ensure that the content provided was accurate, up-to-date, and relevant to both professional and consumer audiences.


  1. Continuous Improvement and Support


Gemstone remained committed to providing ongoing support, addressing any issues that arose, and implementing new features to continuously improve the site and enhance user experience.


Outcome and Impact


With Gemstone’s expertise and assistance, the Erosive Toothwear Foundation successfully launched a comprehensive, engaging, and informative website that catered to the needs of both professionals and patients. This platform has since become a valuable resource for promoting dental health awareness and education, further establishing the foundation’s position as a leading authority in the field.

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