Derbyshire County Council

Client Challenge: Derbyshire County Council required a dynamic, user-friendly website to support its Bus Services Improvement Programme. The goal was to provide updated bus service information and promote the Travel Derbyshire brand. The website needed to include service-area maps, promotional campaigns, and real-time information while adhering to accessibility standards and capturing user engagement data.


Client Opportunity: The project presented an opportunity to build a central digital platform for bus travel in Derbyshire, enhancing user engagement and supporting promotional activities. It was critical to deliver a high-quality solution within a tight timeframe to ensure immediate benefits to Derbyshire’s public transportation users.


Our Solution: Gemstone was chosen to design, build, and host the new website. Our team adopted a collaborative approach, working closely with Derbyshire County Council and local bus data operators. We employed a user-centric design philosophy, ensuring the site was accessible and easy to navigate. Key features of our solution included:

  • A responsive design optimized for all devices.
  • Integration with Google Analytics for real-time user engagement data.
  • A robust content management system allowing for easy updates by council staff.
  • Social media integration to drive user engagement and traffic.

We ensured the website met WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards and provided comprehensive training to council staff for ongoing management.


The Results: The launch of the website was highly successful. It provided a comprehensive resource for bus travelers in Derbyshire, with enhanced features that supported a significant increase in user engagement. Feedback from the council and users has been overwhelmingly positive, highlighting the site’s ease of use and comprehensive information.

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