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Cost-effective Cloud Solutions

Benefit from pay-as-you-go cloud data services in the UK with AWS and Azure, avoiding unnecessary computing costs and maximising efficiency.

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Data Management and Analytics

Leverage AI, big data, and analytics to simplify data integration, handle large datasets, and gain real-time insights.

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Monitoring and Cost Analysis

Take control of your cloud environment with transparent monitoring and cost analysis tools, eliminating surprises and optimizing resource usage.

Our Skills & Expertise

At Gemstone, we provide top-tier UK based data services, boasting extensive expertise in hosting and cloud solutions. We collaborate with leading cloud providers such as AWS and Azure to deliver modern, integrated solutions tailored to your business requirements. Our team excels in leveraging AI, big data, and analytics to streamline data management and enable real-time analysis.


With our advanced monitoring and optimization tools, you gain transparency and control over your cloud environment, ensuring optimal performance and cost-efficiency. Additionally, our proficiency in DevOps enables us to deploy new features quickly, fostering agile development and collaboration between teams.


Furthermore, our data and analytics services empower strategic decision-making by improving data consistency, implementing actionable analytics dashboards, and creating efficient ETL/ELT pipelines. We specialise in Microsoft Power BI, allowing you to communicate complex insights and extract value from your data.

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data services uk

Our Technologies


Benefit from scalable infrastructure, storage, and services provided by the industry-leading cloud platform.


Leverage Microsoft's powerful cloud platform for building, deploying, and managing applications across a global network.

Microsoft Power BI

Turn your data into interactive visuals and gain valuable insights with this leading business intelligence tool.